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5 Best Options to Replace a Missing Tooth

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When visiting the dentist to replace a missing tooth, he will provide you with many options. Out of these 5 are considered to the best methods.

A single missing tooth or extra wisdom tooth can disturb your whole life. You won’t be comfortable while talking and smiling in front of everyone because you may face some speech impairments like lisping and you may even face trouble while eating too. That’s why it is much needed to replace a missing tooth or remove a wisdom tooth and get back to normal life.

You have multiple missing tooth replacement options nowadays depending upon your specific condition, budget and the time span for the treatment. You may go for tooth replacement at any age; however, there is a specific wisdom tooth removing age (17-25) that should be considered while going for wisdom tooth removal.

As described earlier, a missing tooth can be a cause of severe oral problems. You need to get a replacement for missing tooth immediately. Dentists take different approaches to replace a missing tooth. All of these methods are scientifically tested and proven to resolve the issue in an excellent way.

Each method has its own benefits that make it preferable in certain circumstances than the others. Therefore, when you decide to get your missing tooth replaced, give a good search to all of these methods. It will help you out in taking the best decision.

Here are the best 5 replace missing tooth options. Give a thorough read and consult your dentist to decide the best for yourself.

Most common option, to replace a missing tooth, is getting a dental implant. The dental implant is the most expensive tooth replacement method but it is also the best method available to date. It gives your teeth a flawless look. It becomes really hard to distinguish an implanted dental crown from the normal ones.

You will need to undergo dental surgery to get a dental implant. The surgery starts with a cut in your gum leading to a drilled hole in the underlying jaw bone. The hole is allowed to heal before the next session. Once the healing process is completed, a metal dental implant is implanted into the bone.

After some time, when the bone has united with the dental implant, an abutment is attached to the dental implant. The abutment is the base where the dental crown will be attached afterward. You can choose either a removable or a fixed dental crown. At the end of the procedure, you will have a flawless replacement for your missing tooth.

There are cases that do not fit for a dental implant. This is quite an expensive procedure. For someone who cannot afford this replacement, there are other options too. If you lost more than one tooth, it is advised to go for other following options to replace a missing tooth.Bridging is used for replacing a row of missing teeth. Implant-supported bridging is fixed bridging. It fixes the two artificial teeth terminals through screws and the remaining are connected with these terminals.The other type of bridging fixes no teeth into the gums. The terminal teeth are cemented with the adjacent stable teeth and a bridge of teeth is created between them.Removable dentures can either be partial or complete. A removable denture is an artificial tooth that is fitted into place and can be taken out when it becomes uncomfortable. Where partial dentures replace a portion of the missing tooth, complete dentures are more like dental implants but the ones that can be removed.It is just a cheap, temporary and immediate solution for a temporary safety during a permanent treatment. They are applied temporarily to avoid any bacterial infection in that gap where a replaced tooth is going to be installed. If there would be any bacterial infection during the process, it would become one of the fast tooth decay reasons for surrounding teeth as well.

The flippers are just flipped into place and flipped out when needed. They have no proper attachments to the gums or the adjacent teeth.

During dental emergency management, dentists tend to dissolve the pain first. After that, they will have a detailed session with you to decide on the type of dental replacement method.

When choosing one of these top 5 options for the replacement of your missing tooth, you should consider these important factors.

  • The number of teeth lost
  • The expenditure you can afford.
  • Temporary or permanent. The type of treatment you are looking for.
  • The amount of pain you are capable of withholding.

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