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5 Common Dental Emergencies (How to Handle)

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A Dental emergency may occur anytime and you should know all the dental emergencies so you can quickly get relief or recover from those dental emergencies by consulting the dentist on time. In this post-covid era, you should be well aware about common dental problems and you should be prepared to handle any dental emergency e.g you should know the reasons why your teeth decay quickly, how to treat bad taste in mouth and how to find a good general dentist?The most common dental emergencies are chipped tooth, severe tooth pain, excessive tooth bleeding, lost crown filling and broken orthodontics. Few of them can be treated at home while others may suggest you to consult a specialist dentist as soon as possible.Let’s talk about the top 5 most common dental emergencies and the process to handle them well without panicking.Toothache is known as one of the most disturbing pains because it won’t allow you to do anything. Some people rate it above the injuries, so it is surely a most common dental emergency that should be treated as soon as possible. It is not advised to take pain killers even for severe toothache; instead, you should apply a cold compress from outside of the cheek to alleviate the pain and improve your oral hygiene habits.If you ever face excessive tooth bleeding that is not looking to stop soon, it is an alarming dental emergency that is suggesting you consult your dentist as soon as possible; however, you can use a thick gauze pad and bite on it. It makes the bleeding stop after a few minutes. Moreover, you should stay away from rinsing, smoking and sucking until you get fully recovered.Chipped tooth is yet another dental emergency that should not be taken lightly at all. You should quickly consult a professional dentist to get some important instructions to deal with the chipped tooth properly. If you are facing bleeding as well as the chipped tooth after biting on any hard object, try to rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a piece of gauze to stop bleeding. Apply a cold compress to stop the bleeding and reduce the swelling.
If your tooth is accidentally knocked up after hitting with any hard object, don’t just throw it away because it’s your asset. Don’t try to fix it in your own way by just applying pressure, it would damage the tissues and it would not be possible to recover that tooth. If your tooth is still connected to the tissues then place it gently in its own place. Don’t try to put it into the socket, it will damage the tissues forever. If it is completely knocked up and pulled out. Don’t throw it away. Take a small cup of milk or water with a pinch of salt and place that tooth there to preserve it for a while and then take it to the nearest dentist along with you.Lost filling or crown are also among the most common dental emergencies because many people use crowns and fillings to replicate a normal smile but these fillings or crowns may be lost over a while and they need to be refilled or replaced. If somehow, your crown or filling is lost in an accident, you should not try to fix it on your own;instead, you should quickly connects to your dentist and have a professional refilling; however if you crown is still in a good condition, you can take it with you to the nearest dental office and have it restored by professional dentist.Broken orthodontics is a painful dental emergency because it may cause trouble while speaking, eating and drinking. Moreover, the broken orthodontics may lag the teeth alignment process or it may even cause adverse effects to the alignment progress so far. It is strictly prohibited to remove the orthodontics; however, you can consult your dentist and tighten, fix or support your orthodontic metallic wire with some gauze, orthodontics wax or cotton.Besides these dental emergencies, there are some more dental emergencies like tooth decay, abscess or bad breath etc. You should be vigilant enough to cope with them quickly to avoid the undone damage. Maintaining the oral hygiene routine is one ideal solution to avoid these dental emergencies; plus, dentists recommend that you should have adequate knowledge about these dental problems like several causes of bad breath, different tooth decay stages and home remedies to cure the dental problems etc. If you live near Maryland, then you must find a professional emergency dentistry near you in Maryland to handle these dental emergencies under proper supervision of the professionals.

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