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5 Root Canal Treatment Side Effects and Risks

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Root canal treatment is good for pulling out all the infectious pulp but there are certainly some risks and probable side effects associated with root canal therapy. If you are still feeling pain in your tooth after having a proper root canal treatment, you may be dealing with any of the side effects. There are some home remedies for the after pain of the root canal but you still need to go to your endodontist to have a detailed checkup again. You can also check a list of questions you should ask your endodontist regarding root canal treatment pain and side effects.Following are 5 major risks and side effects associated with root canal treatment. You should be aware of them to take ample action quickly.

  1. Afterpain and Restlessness
  2. Underfilling or Overfilling during Root Canal Treatment
  3. Unequalled Canals vs Roots
  4. Improper Sealings
  5. Possible Abscess

One of the most common side effects of root canal after the treatment is the afterpain or restlessness. As we know that root canal treatment includes pulling out the infected pulp using several tools, so there is a chance that the surrounding natural tissues face swelling in that procedure. That’s why, most patients face the pain after the root canal treatment. It is normal, this swelling and mild pain won’t last for more than 7-10 days.

You need to reconsult your endodontist if this pain lasts longer than expected because there are chances that maybe some pulp is still there in the root.One of the major risks related to root canals is the inadequate fillings. That’s why the root of the tooth is cleaned thoroughly pulling all of the pulp to make enough space for a sealant filling. Most of the time, there remains some infectious pulp that won’t make an endodontist fill the gap properly. Further, that infectious pulp interacts with the fillings and makes it infectious too;therefore, some people feel the unbearable pain after a few months of a root canal treatment because their fillings are affected by that infectious pulp. There is also a chance that the filling may fall out due to such infection. You should know what to do if root canal filling fell out?

In other cases, there appears to be some overfilling during the root canal treatment that leads to inadequate bite or consistent pain. You just have to contact your endodontist as soon as possible if you are facing trauma pain after many months of root canal treatment.One of the possible side effects of root canal therapy is about having an unequalled number of canals than the roots. It is not much talked about but it is definitely a severe condition where few of your canals won’t find any roots and they disturb the surrounding teeth plus tissues. It can cause multiple complications after just a minor negligence.

Therefore, you should always consult a best endodontist in Stevensville MD or any other bigger state to have a professional root canal treatment.Improper sealings can be a starting point of many side effects of the root canal therapy. If your endodontist fails to make a proper sealing after a root canal filling. It would become a mess in a few weeks. Some bacteria would penetrate that sealing and infect the whole filling.

That’s why it is always recommended that you should make a budget of a crown for that treated tooth after a root canal treatment, so there would not be any risk of root canal treatment failure or severe pain after root canal in near future.Having abscess, after a root canal therapy, is one of the most common side effects. Abscess is a bacterial infection that makes the gum tissues disturbed. The most common signs of abscess are red spots, swelling and mild pain. These spots may have some fluidity inside them and they may expand and infect the whole gum.

To avoid any kind of bacterial infection during the root canal therapy, it is required that all the infected pulp should be removed gently with adequate method without infecting the surrounding tissues. Before making a permanent filling, it is made sure that the temporary filling is completely removed and for the sake of full assurance, the crown is worn after a root canal therapy to avoid any bacterial penetration in the fillings.


Yes, it is true that root canal treatment is a complex procedure that may have some complications, but still it is recommended as the best long term solution because if your pulp is infected, it would infect the surrounding teeth, gum and the roots if it would not be pulled out. That’s why, you should not be afraid of having a proper root canal therapy despite its complications, risks or possible side effects. You can minimise the risks by choosing the best endodontist for your root canal treatment and using after root canal pain home remedies.

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