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Bad Taste in Mouth: Why? How to Treat?

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The meaning of a bad taste in having an awkward taste in your mouth. Especially when you  just wake up in the morning and you feel a soreness or awkward dryness in your mouth, it is a clear symptom of bad taste in your mouth. It is an alarming sign of several upcoming oral problems like tooth decay, dry mouth, bacterial infection or plaque formation. Normally, it is a temporary problem but if it remains for more than 3-4 days, it may become a part of fast tooth decay causes.

Let’s explore the bad taste in the mouth in detail e.g its symptoms, causes and the treatment plus home remedies etc.The most common symptoms of the bad taste in mouth are bad breath, the soreness in mouth, the swollen gums, sensitivity in the teeth and all other symptoms that may also be counted as tooth decay stages.If your mouth is having a bad taste in the morning, you need to improve your oral hygiene. Generally, it happens due to a spicy meal or a fried chicken which you would have eaten in the late night. It may disappear after rinsing your teeth with a mouthwash;however, if you are having a continuous bad taste or a stinky feel in your breath, probably you are having gingivitis or a bad breath.The bitter taste in mouth is normally taken as a symptom of stomach problems or just a reaction against a spicy or acidic food;however, it may also be a major cause of several oral problems like gingivitis, acid reflux, hormonal change during pregnancy.

If this bitter taste in the mouth becomes consistent for more than 3 days, you may have been affected by dysgeusia. Dysgeusia is an oral disorder in which a person may feel a continuous bad, rusty or salty taste in its mouth.You can get rid of a bitter taste in your mouth via drinking plenty of water in case of any acidity in the stomach;however, if you have bitterness in your mouth due to poor oral hygiene or any other oral problem, you need to improve your oral hygiene routine. On the other hand, if you are facing bad taste in the morning due to a dry mouth, try chewing sugarless gum to increase the saliva production, so that you can avoid the dry mouth too.The sour taste in mouth is also a sign of bad taste in mouth. It may happen due to any bacterial infection or hormonal change or some poor oral hygiene routine. It is one of the earliest tooth decay stages where your teeth are affected by bacterial plaque and you are now facing a different taste or a bad breath. If you would not maintain your oral hygiene properly, your taste buds would be affected and you would face such bitter taste, sour taste or no taste at all;therefore, always try to follow oral hygiene practice and don’t let your mouth remain dry for much longer. You should consult the tooth decay causes and treatments to get more details.Generally, a bad taste is an immediate reaction against an unusual diet like spicy items, carbonated drinks, alcohol or poorly hygiene food that may cause acidity;however, if it lasts longer than expected, it may be concerning. It may be one of the side effects of a tooth extraction which is done poorly or the mismanagement of tooth extraction aftercare.Probably yes, some diabetic people may face some sore or metallic taste in their mouth because an imbalance of salt vs sugar may cause some sour, metallic or bad taste in their mouth.It is just one of the possible symptoms of Corona. Coronavirus affects your throat and nose plus it affects your taste buds too. So, you probably won’t feel any taste or you may feel an abnormal taste like metallic, sour or a bitter taste continuously in your mouth due to Covid.You can simply start with normal home remedies like gargling with salted water, rinsing with a suggested mouthwash, maintaining a good oral hygiene routine including brushing twice plus flossing after each meal. Drinking excessive water is a key procedure to maintain enough humidity in the mouth and stomach, so no bacteria can reside there and cause infection. Try chewing the sugarless gum to increase the saliva flow in your mouth if you are facing bad taste due to a dry mouth. If you are facing metallic taste in your mouth, there is a possibility that your metallic utensils are having a chemical reaction with your cooking food – it is time to replace the old metallic utensils with newer ones or plastic ones.

If none of these suggested remedies are working for you, you need to consult a professional general dentist in Stevensville MD regarding this bad taste problem. A professional dentist may give you better advice after doing a proper checkup and the authentic general dentist may give you some authentic and more effective antibiotics or the mouthwashes.

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