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How to Ease the After Root Canal Pain?

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How to Ease the After Root Canal Pain

Root canal pain is inevitable as it is a detailed integrated process of cleaning the wasted pulp from the root of your tooth. That’s why there is a higher chance of pain after root canal treatment. Although the dentists and endodontists give the patients a proper anesthesia before doing the root canal but some people may feel a throbbing pain after the root canal surgery and some may feel the same root canal pain after some years as well. Therefore, it is well advised that you need to go for a root canal treatment only if it is necessary. There are several signs you need root canal treatment. You need to consult them and if you have most of these signs, only then you should go for root canal treatment. Although, root canal after pain can be dealt with by some tricks and medicines but it is also advisable that you need to figure out all the questions to ask before root canal treatment, so you may become fully ready for this complex treatment process. There are several questions and concerns related to a throbbing root canal after pain after years and the ways to deal with it. There have been several home remedies to deal with the intense root canal pain and there are also some medicines available to deal with this intense pain. So, you must know all of them. Following are some important concerns that need to be addressed. Normally, the root canal pain won’t last after a week or two weeks;however, if you still feel a throbbing root canal pain after the two weeks, there still may be some infected pulp or the distrubed nerves/tissues-you must consult your nearest endodontist as soon as possible. If you ever feel the throbbing root canal pain, you can try either one of the following ways to ease it. They all are the safe and the effective ones. You can use this home remedy that has a proven record for decades. The cold compressing is a home remedy that has been followed since decades. It is such a simple procedure as you just have to put an ice block in a bag, cloth or a pot and you just have to do some cold compressing with that cool stuff. Only 5-10 minutes of this cold compressing are enough to ease the intense root canal pain. Salted water is yet another retro home remedy to deal with any kind of tooth pain. You can simply add some salt in warm water and use that rinse to swish in your mouth for a few minutes. This salted rinse removes any bacterial infection or swelling which in turn provides relief from intense pain after root canal. If you are not getting any kind of paint relief by doing the home remedies, maybe it is a time to go for some recommended painkillers for the root canal after pain. A professional dentist and endodontist of Kent Narrows MD suggests a double dose of Ibuprofen to get quick pain relief caused by the root canal surgery. If your tooth is feeling a throbbing pain after a root canal then there may be multiple possibilities. Maybe, there is still some infected pulp inside your tooth which couldn’t be cleaned by an endodontist. Or maybe the surroundings nerves and tissues were disturbed during the root canal surgery. Sometimes it takes some time to heal the root canal pain because it requires an intense procedure of pulling out all the infected pulp which may cause some swelling around the gums and surrounding tissues. If you had gone with a root canal surgery years ago but you still feel a pain there, there would be some infection. There are many possibilities of such pain which may become unbearable after some years. There is a chance that, years ago, the dentist might have missed some of the infected pulp or accidentally infected some of the surrounding tissues during surgery. There is also another chance that your endodontist might have taken more time to fill the permanent filling and there might be some infection caused by the temporary fillings there. If you had not taken proper oral hygiene care in recent years, you might have allowed the bacteria to reinfect your tooth fillings and that’s why you are facing the throbbing root canal pain after years. 

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