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How to Find a Dentist that Accepts Medicaid?

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There are few dentists that actually provide the medicaid so they seem hard to find. Medicaid is the federal and state level health insurance initiative that provides free or discounted health care to the children, elders and the teenagers with low income. The whole medicaid program is funded by the state and the federal governments.There is a tougher eligibility criteria for medicaid but it is certainly beneficial. Medicaid covers the many health issues for free or at a discounted price. There is a detailed list of health issues that are covered by medicaid including dentistry. Medicaid covers the general health related issues plus chronic diseases for elderly people, disabled persons, pregnant women, children and the deserving teenagers with no or less income. Mosty the dentists that accept medicaid deal with pediatric dentistry while there is only one in a while dentist that accepts medicaid for adults too.Only that dentist who is affiliated with the state funded medicaid insurance program accepts the medicaid. Unfortunately, there are only a few dentists in the medicaid program. The children’s dentistry is a regular service of the medicaid but the advanced dentistry procedures like braces and invisalign are not covered under the federally funded medicaid.

There may be some generous dentists that may actually cover some orthodontics procedures too under a medicaid policy. You just have to search for a ‘dentist that accepts medicaid near me’ on Google or just visit the medicaid website and find the medicaid dentists near you by choosing some search filters.Any nearest orthodontist that accepts the insurance claims for the orthodontic procedures can be contacted to confirm whether he provides the medicaid for braces or not. The Medicaid insurance program definitely provides a chance for the children to have braces treatment under a medicaid funded insurance program. Teenagers under 18 can also avail this offer. Plus, if a teenager is deserving and having lower income, he can also appeal for medicaid relief on the medicaid website.

You should definitely search about how to find a best orthodontist near you that actually accepts the medicaid or the insurance claim for the advanced dental procedures. Almost all reputable orthodontists have already placed a list of “dental insurances we accept” like CHIP and medicaid. If there is written medicaid in the list, go avail that.There is a complete list of affiliated dentists that accept the medicaid for the dentures on the medicaid website. Replacing the dentures is a regular health procedure under medicaid and there is no extra effort required for having a new sponsored dentres by medicaid but you have to be eligible for the medicaid insurance program.

Every state has its own medicare network and the online library from where you can check about your eligibility criteria plus the list of all the dentists near you that accept the medicaid for dentures.

You just simply have to go to the federal website regarding medicaid and you would be easily allowed to find the list of all the nearest dentists that accept medicaid. Don’t forget to choose the additional filters to narrow down the results.

For example, if I have to check the dentist in Stevensville MD, I would select the Stevensville MD from the state option. If I would be looking for just the orthodontist near Stevensville MD, I would go for the additional search options and select the orthodontics from the speciality filter.

If you can’t take much trouble to do all these things. You can choose your personal preferred dentist near you for the medicaid if he is enrolled with the medicaid. Just visit the nearest dentists or orthodontists  and ask them about their affiliation with the dental plans and the insurances plus medicaid. If they are already affiliated with the medicaid insurance program, you are good to go. One concerning thing is that there are many dentists enrolled with the medicaid but only few cover the orthodontics under medicaid so please confirm with them about all dental insurances that cover orthodontics before going for an orthodontic procedure under medicaid.Because dentists  won’t get the same price for the dental servings via medicaid as they are getting from the private insurance companies. That’s why, there is a huge difference between the number of patients and the dentists that are affiliated with the medicaid program.

According to the ADA report, the private insurance companies repay the 80 percent of the dental charges but the medicaid is a federal and state level program, its average reimbursement rate is only 49%.That’s why, most of the dentists won’t bother to affiliate with the medicaid program. Only a few dentists that are either a philanthropist or a newer one in the market tend to offer such services to get into the good books of the people.

In 2018, only 38% licensed dentists were enrolled with the medicaid program. Among them, there are only a few enrolled dentists that accept the medicaid for adults too.

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