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Oral Health and Pregnancy: What Women Need to Know

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Oral health and pregnancy is really a concerned matter for all the women. Many women want to know a special connection between the oral health and pregnancy, while others want to know about special oral care in pregnancy so they can take care of their dental health during pregnancy. Oral health is always important but it becomes the most important during pregnancy because now it is not about an individual woman but it is about two lives. So, women should know all the connections between oral health and pregnancy, the ways to improve oral health during pregnancy and the suggested treatments to improve the oral hygiene during pregnancy.

Let’s see all insights of oral health during pregnancy. Let’s see the importance of oral health during pregnancy, the dental health and hygiene routines in pregnancy and the special tips for oral care in pregnancy.Oral health is so important during pregnancy because women face so many hormonal changes during pregnancy and there is a higher chance of having dental cavities and gingivitis during pregnancy. Many women may have swollen gums due to inflammation in the pregnancy. Normally, there is an observation about an extra inflammation in the pregnant women, so they have to keep themselves neat and clean every time and they can’t afford their daily oral hygiene routine no matter what.

Studies show that there are some specific hormonal changes that are known as pregnancy tumors like epulis or gravitarium. Further, pregnant women have a natural tendency to change their eating habits and consume more calories than before;therefore, their oral health is more vulnerable during the pregnancy because they are most likely to have a bacterial attraction due to an excessive usage of sweetness and carbonated food.

That’s why oral health is so important during pregnancy to avoid any further complications i.e infected gum or loss of gum bone.Yes, severe dental problems like gum disease or gingivitis may affect the pregnancy. It is understandable that the dental problems may disturb the acidity balance and other hormonal imbalance that may cause severe health problems during the pregnancy. Some oral problems may cause the premature birth of a child and premature birth may lead to weak eyesight or an overall weakness in a baby. Several searches have claimed that 18 out of 100 premature births are linked to periodontal diseases. That’s why, it is suggested that pregnant women should be vigilant about their oral health to avoid any possible dental problems.Several studies claim that poor oral hygiene may affect the pregnancy resulting in severe serious problems like premature birth, weak baby having low weight, pre-eclampsia, gingivitis, gingival ulcers, loose teeth, mouth dryness, dental erosions and pregnancy trauma. Pregnant women may face morning sickness having more amount of acid in their mouth that may affect the tooth enamel.

We all know that the child takes blood, breath and diet from its mother. So, mother needs to keep on eating. Pregnant women won’t find enough time to properly follow an oral hygiene routine of regular brushing or flossing after each meal. It may have many adverse effects on a baby’s health. Due to an excessive plaque, pregnant women may face swollen gums.Yes, if you are pregnant, you can have your tooth pulled by a specialist under proper surveillance and proper method. A pregnant woman can have all the dental treatments without any risks EXCEPT X-RAYS. Although, these days, dental x-rays are made safe using very little radiation and the extra precautions like the proper coverage of the belly and body to avoid any unnecessary exposure to the radiation. Still, it is best to avoid the dental x-rays during pregnancy as much as possible. If you are looking to find out if dental x-ray is safe? You should know that yes it is safe but you should still avoid it during pregnancy.

Except X-rays, don’t avoid any dental procedures including the numbing medications while being pregnant. They make the dental procedures like pulling a tooth smooth. That’s why, you don’t have to worry too much while going for dental operations.

If you have any particular questions in your mind, you can opt for free dentistry consultation in Stevensville MD.The NHS is offering free dental services to pregnant women. You have to be eligible according to their specific criteria plus you have to submit a MATB1 certificate and valid prescription maternity exemption certificate. You should check the whole procedure from the official website and if you can’t understand it, you should consult your local dentists to have proper guidance about free dental care when pregnant.


These are all the concerned issues regarding oral health and pregnancy, dental care during pregnancy and the free dental care and dental treatment during pregnancy. Now you should be well aware that your oral health is probably the most important thing you need to take care of. You should also take care of your mental health too. Your anxiety can also affect your oral health as well as your mental health. You can check out how does anxiety affect oral health?

If you still have any questions regarding oral health during pregnancy, don’t hesitate to consult with Thompson Creek Dental.

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