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5 Best Root Canal Alternative Treatments

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Root canal treatment is a perfect way to get rid of the infected pulp once and for all. There is no doubt that it sets you free from all the tooth filling troubles for many years. It is always recommended if you have certain symptoms that you definitely need root canal treatment; however, it is not always possible and suggested for everyone due to its certain prerequisites and the higher cost. There are different types of root canal that require different prerequisites and there are also some possible root canal side effects as well. So, one should know an alternative to root canal as well. Certainly, there are some root canal alternatives that should be known to everyone.

In this detailed guide, you may know all the 5 natural root canal alternatives that may give you the same tooth filling stability and cure as root canal. Keep reading.If you don’t qualify for a root canal treatment or you don’t want to go for it, you should look for an alternative treatment to root canal by consulting your orthodontist and endodontist.

Following are the 5 best root canal alternative treatments that may provide natural tooth stability.According to a study, Ozone gas has a great potential of killing bacteria and infection while penetrating through the whole tooth. It is an effective root canal alternative if the pulp is recently affected and it is assumed that it may worsen the situation in coming years. One can easily have ozone gas cleansing to disinfect the infected or inflamed tooth pulp.Pulp capping is yet another alternative for root canal treatment that is used to cover the exposed pulp due to severe damage or tooth decay. In this root canal alternative treatment, a hydroxide material is directly placed over the exposed pulp to cover it. A whole layer of oxide material is placed over the exposed pulp to promote natural tissue repair. After placing a whole layer on exposed pulp with oxide material, the tooth is filled.

It is recommended for those people whose pulp is less exposed and can be restored.Pulpotomy is suggested when the pulp is exposed and it is performed to preserve the tooth nerves and canals. In this procedure tha inflamed pulp is removed and then the whole tooth is filled with an oxide material to cope with bacterial infection and to promote tooth healing. It has only one similarity with root canal while removing the inflamed pulp but it won’t disturb the canal and nerves. After filling the tooth with a replaced material, the tooth is preserved via crown to protect it from external infection.

It is mostly recommended for children who haven’t fully developed canals but it can also be done with adults as a temporary solution to deal with excessive pain while preparing for the root canal.This advanced endodontic therapy is performed to manage the dental caries lesions to avoid the pulp exposure by removing the caries lesion in several steps after a regular interval of 5-6 months each. It is considered as an alternative to root canal; infact, it is considered to avoid the root canal as far as possible.Tooth extraction means pulling out a decayed, damaged or infected tooth that won’t be restored or filled even with the proper root canal treatment. It is certainly the worst case of or the most delayed treatment options. If a person has not contacted the orthodontist after getting a tooth infection for a while, there is a high chance that the tooth is fully decayed and now even root canal treatment is not possible due to infected pulp, tooth root and gum as well. Unfortunately, now the tooth extraction is the only alternative option to the root canal.

After getting a tooth extraction, you can have multiple tooth filling options like dental implant. If many teeth are being removed, you may get the dental bridge or the partial dentures to bring your smile back.Unfortunately, there is not a natural root canal alternative if the root canal symptoms have already appeared. Natural remedies and a healthier diet without sugar and acidic foods can help you maintain healthy teeth and the pulp but once your pulp is severely damaged till root and you are recommended for a root canal, there is no natural alternative to a root canal treatment.Root canal treatment is a famous treatment to deal with the infected pulp all over the world. It provides the long term solution to deal with the infected pulp and root; however, it is neither always suggested nor preferred because it may cause severe pain in some cases and there must be some specific conditions to have a successful root canal therapy. Though people may treat root canal after pain at home but still they are afraid and look for alternative root canal treatments like ozone cleansing, pulpotomy, pulp capping and stepwise extraction. If none of these are viable anymore due to the worst case if infected pulp; unfortunately, only the tooth extraction remains the last option.

The gap created by the tooth extraction can be filled via crown or partial bridge. You should always consult the professional and trusted endodontist to look for all these options. If you are advised to have a root canal treatment, have root canal services in Maryland, Stevensville by the expert endodontist (Book Now).

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