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5 Orthodontic Tips For Cold And Flu Season

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As the weather gets colder, common diseases like cold and flu spread. You can hardly find a person who has not experience such illnesses. Sometimes getting a bad cold can be the reason of any other diseases. When you get cold, the chance is provided for bacteria growth and in some cases decreases our body immunity or makes other problems like toothache since you don’t pay much attention to your teeth during this span. We are here to give you handy orthodontic tips for keeping your teeth healthy.Make sure to brush your teeth correctly and it should be taken at least for 120 seconds. Don’t forget to floss carefully. Brushing by itself doesn’t guarantee to have healthy teeth as some germs grow between your teeth and they cannot be removed by brushing.To have a healthy body and oral health hydrating mouth and respiration tract is vital. Otherwise your body is exposed to various problems. When your nose is blocked due to dryness, you cannot breathe well. This issue can be made up by breathing through mouth that can raise the risk of cavities and gum problems. When you breathe via your mouth, harmful bacteria cannot be filtered well, so you are exposed to some oral problems like cavities and gum disease. Dry mouth and lack of saliva provides chance for damaging bacteria. To overcome all mentioned problems, drinking eight glass of water especially warm water is strongly recommended. Utilizing aerator is also a good solution.It is prescribed to gargle salt water at least twice a day. I t can be easily made at home by dissolving a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. Gargling with salt water removes harmful bacteria in your throat and mouth, besides it lowers bad breath and plaque.It is strongly recommended not to use the same tooth brush for a long time especially when you are sick. Old tooth brushes can contain dangerous bacteria. Buy a new one at least three times a year.Although eating sweet and candies due to containing high amount of sugar is avoided, lots of syrups and cough drops are sweetened with sugar. It is harmful to your gums and cause tooth cavity and plaque. Thus do not forget to wash your mouth after taking them, or try to find sugar-free onesOrthodontics is an important field of dentistry for having healthy and beautiful smile. Orthodontic treatment mainly includes straightening crooked teeth and treating misalignment by using fixed or removable braces, invisalign (Removable Appliances). After fitting the braces having toothache is common symptom, though this will be settled fast by taking pain killers. Satisfactorily aligned smile causes many health benefits. Orthodontics treatment can reduce gum diseases and the risk of developing TMJ disorder. To get the best result, we are here to make you familiar with the best orthodontic treatments guide:It is advised to consult with an orthodontist before getting any treatment. They mostly tell you to start it at the age of teens. As the tooth appearance seems to be much more important to teenagers than other age ranges, so their teeth are ready to be in order. Although using modern technology, treating misalignment is getting easier and even more useful for adults. Orthodontists can make you aware of the treatment length as well. It usually takes about one and a half years. Although it is flexible based on your age and how to severe your dental problem is.Caring about your teeth during the treatment seems to be as important as treatment by itself. You are expected to care more about the following orthodontic braces tips:

  1. Make the right choice about floss, toothpaste, toothbrush and mouth rinse
  2. Brush your teeth carefully and it should be last at least two minutes
  3. Don’t forget to floss
  4. To clean your teeth and braces, use an oral irrigator
  5. Pay attention to your diet

Orthodontists use special appliance to put the teeth in order and provide orthodontic services related to:

  • Having dental malocclusion
  • Spacing
  • Crowding
  • Impacted teeth
  • Under bite
  • Overbite
  • Cross bite
  • Upper front teeth protrusion

Orthodontists fulfit all mentioned irregularities by utilizing traditional braces, invisalign (removable appliance), invisible or clear braces.Invisalign helps orthodontist to adjust your teeth by applying trays or a series of clear aligners. This is a good way to straight your crooked teeth without being worried about your appearance and smile. Taking care of teeth while having invisalign is also easier than metal braces. These can be considered as invisalign braces services.There are some important facts about pediatric orthodontic that are necessary to be considered:

  1. Tooth decay as the current childhood disease
  2. Cavities are avoidable
  3. Paying attention to the kind of food
  4. Baby teeth are needed to be checked from the start
  5. Children can inherit cavities from their mothers
  6. Caring about baby teeth health

To sum up all mentioned above, underestimating miner health problems like cold and flu can lead to some serious oral health. By taking some ordinary steps, enjoy your oral and overall health.

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