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What is the Best Age for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

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X-ray image from teeth and problem with wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth removal becomes necessary sometimes because it may cause some complications due to a tighter space in the jaw. Wisdom teeth are called the third molars that are grown in the last near the age of 14-16. If there is not enough space in the mouth, wisdom teeth may disturb the existing teeth alignment and they may also disturb the gums. So, people tend to remove wisdom teeth at age 14,15,30 after facing some trouble due to them.

Moreover, some wisdom teeth may indirectly cause the cavity by making the gums swell and create pockets between teeth. Bad taste in mouth reasons also include the cavities caused by the wisdom teeth complications. So, if you have any wisdom tooth complications, you should consider an oral surgery near you to remove wisdom teeth as early as possible.Wisdom teeth get removed around the age bracket of 18-25, if they need to be removed due to complications. It is always advised to get rid of troubling wisdom teeth as soon as possible because they have weak roots in the early stages and they have not done any expected damage yet;however, you should give enough time to wisdom teeth to be grown enough to face the proper tooth extraction surgery.

That’s why, many people go for wisdom teeth removal at a younger age and some people let their wisdom teeth grow and wait for any possibility of their adjustment; however, if they still won’t adjust till 30, then people may also go for wisdom teeth removal at age 30.

Some people won’t go for wisdom teeth removal at 14,15 and 30 and they keep bearing the minor wisdom teeth problems but they may face some advanced problems like sinus pain in their old-age and they need to get wisdom teeth removal at age 70 too.16 is an average age where the wisdom teeth erupt from third molars. It is not the right time to remove wisdom teeth; however, you should start discussing with your dentist about your wisdom teeth at 16. If your wisdom teeth are grown enough that they are already causing the problems and pain, you should go for it and if they are underdeveloped, you should wait for a while, so a proper tooth extraction procedure can be performed.Yes, if you are beginning to face wisdom teeth pain at 30, it means that your wisdom teeth are grown up and they can be removed via proper tooth extraction surgery. Although, it’s not an ideal age because you have already started to face the consequences like jaw pain, but you should gor for wisdom teeth removal at age 30 if you feel uncomfortable. It is still a good age to remove wisdom teeth.Normally, you can have your wisdom teeth between the age of 15 years to 25 years; however, it is not a hard and fast rule that everyone should have to have the wisdom teeth in this age bracket. Some people even find their wisdom teeth in their 30s. There are some exceptions – one person is listed in Guiness Book of World Record because his wisdom tooth erupted at the age of 92. Obviously, it was an exception but normally a person may have wisdom teeth till 30.Yes, there is a chance that wisdom teeth appear at the age of 40. Actually wisdom teeth are the last teeth to be erupted. If there was not enough space for them to erupt at an early age, the wisdom teeth may also erupt at the age of 40. Further, it would also be the case due to some imbalance of hormones that wisdom teeth would erupt this late as there is not any hard and fast rule for wisdom teeth eruption. Many people have also experienced their wisdom teeth eruption in their forties and fifties.It is rarely possible because wisdom teeth don’t even erupt before 15, so there is a very little chance of any kind of wisdom teeth removal at age 14. Although, In some special cases, wisdom teeth may erupt before 14 and they may erupt in an in aligned manner that may be disturbing for gum and tongue. Those troubling wisdom teeth should be removed even at age of 14.In some rare cases, there comes a point where there is a need for wisdom teeth removal at age 70. It is not necessary that wisdom teeth just cause some mild pain or disturbance due to lesser space in mouth; instead, wisdom teeth may cause you much trouble especially in your old age. They may cause inflammation, high blood pressure and even heart attack by the abnormal routine of the blood vessels due to swelling and trouble caused by wisdom teeth. That’s why, many people are asked to get rid of wisdom teeth even at the age of 70.Wisdom teeth removal becomes necessary when there is not enough space in the mouth and the wisdom teeth may try to erupt, grow and disturb the surrounding teeth, gums and tissues. They may cause the swelling, inflammation and cavities that may cause bad breath and excessive pain too. You should get rid of them by consulting tooth extraction services in Stevensville MD and you should also consult some tooth extraction aftercare guide to avoid any complications after tooth extraction surgery. Always consider hygiene routines if you wear braces after wisdom teeth extraction.

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